Heino Tegeler

Up to in the twentieth year hundred into fires in the city, have the to today is one of the most important port cities of Norway, provided again for devastation, last in 1955. The next morning, we woke up in the Geirangerfjord. And once again the Sun laughed. Fjord called sufficiently into, cut deep into the coast mountains, u-shaped valleys, which first were made and modeled by huge glaciers during the ice age by rivers and inundated with rising sea levels at the end of the ice age far into the Interior of the country. It says in the Guide. The sight of sunshine is breathtaking. Slowly, we passed the numerous waterfalls. The music of Edward Grieg, whose House we had already seen in mountains sounded while on deck.

The MSC Lirica in the Sognefjord took about 1 o’clock the next morning. The Sognefjord is Europe’s longest fjord with 204 kilometers and up to 1308 metres at the deepest of the Earth. Our destination was the village of Flam in Aurlandsfjord. Seven hours the MSC Lirica need up to Flam. When we looked in the morning from the window, appeared already again the Sun. The highlight of Flam is a ride with the flam railway through the mountains. In the afternoon, the MSC Lirica resumed course at Hamburg.

We drove for hours at Sunshine by the Sognefjord to the sea. Another sea day lay before us. On the last morning of our Norway cruise we passed through Cuxhaven. Five hours later, the MSC Lirica in Hamburg was set. From the gorgeous weather in Norway more was nothing here to see. With the weather, one rarely has as much luck on a trip. Heino Tegeler