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So fear assume (because everyone has them!) and then “” whenever the inner voice says no “, overcome, yes” say and do it yet. I.e. If you are afraid to call new customers, then call new customers. If you’re afraid to ask the final question, then ask completion questions, etc. For this to work, there are a few tricks. One trick is the mental preparation. It is brain cells responsible for behavior relatively regardless of whether you learn something in the imagination or reality, they remember it. Therefore can you to train your obstructive situations already in the Chair.

Make you comfortable to do this, close your eyes and let the scenes with your desired behavior always expire before your inner eye. Support you still can, by listening with a right nice power song. Repeat this exercise every day a week for 7 minutes, and you’ll be amazed how much this translates into real behavior. The next trick is mental resilience. You can easily with the following exercise reach. Every day for a week for 5 minutes with your hands, run (as with the result in the robbers and gendarmes game) through the city centre or another well frequented area.

You will notice how much it will matter soon, what the others think. What you want to happen?” This set is your new inner fight slogan! “Everytime you feel inhibitions and out over the hurdle yet to jump, you say: what will it happen?” After a few repetitions, this set is increasingly becoming the arbiters, which in the action to overcome its own limits to nudge can. Get a sport out of it! A new attitude to life will give you to overcome fears. With time, you are almost addictive afterwards to cross internal borders. You will be rewarded with a fantastic sense of inner freedom, if you have fun uninhibited with others to get in touch and tell what you would like to say. The author Dr. Martin Christian Morning star is Ethologist and evolutionary psychologist. As expert on mental strength, personal development, motivation and stress management advises, coaches and trained it specialists and executives, entrepreneurs and professional athletes for more than 10 years. He is a cofounder of the German society for stress management and has taught at prestigious universities. His book sell fearless”appeared in the June 2012 BusinessVillage. Fearless Hermmungen out and conviction power sell the book to the subject of Martin Christian Morgenstern 2012 192 pages 1st Edition BusinessVillage. ISBN 978-3-86980-168-1 24.80 EUR(D) / 22.50 EUR(A) eb 887.html about BusinessVillage BusinessVillage is the Publisher for the economy. With a focus on management, business, psychology and career, we offer our readers current specialized knowledge for the individual and professional progress. Renowned authors provide current, thorough and understandable prepared information with commercial value in our material and textbooks. Contact: BusinessVillage GmbH publishing house for the economic clean houses country road 22 37083 Gottingen Tel.: + 49 (551) 2099 104 email: