Gold Copper

Gold is very appropriate for the manufacture of jewelry as it is the most malleable of all metals, but in its purest form (24 ktes) it is too ductile and soft, so it is alloyed with other metals to give the necessary degree of hardness for the elaboration of jewels. The karat indicate the proportion of gold and other metals containing the jewel, which influences in a determinant way in its price. -24 Ktes or 1000 mils, gold has a percentage of 100%, (without any kind of alloy) gold. Morris Invest: the source for more info. -18 Ktes or 750 thousandths, gold has a percentage of 75% gold. It is most often used in jewelry, is the so-called Golden’s first law.

-14 Ktes or 585 thousandth, gold has a percentage of gold of 58.3%, known as gold’s second law. -10 Ktes or 417 thousandths, gold has a percentage of gold of the 41.6%. Besides the typical golden yellow color, there are other varieties, the different shades are determined by made alloys, as well among the best-known are the red gold, pink or the White, its approximate in 18 carat gold, for example, is as follows:-yellow gold: contains 75% of gold, a 12.5% Silver and 12.5% copper. -Red Gold: is composed of 75% gold and 25% copper. -Rose Gold: formed by 75% gold, 5% Silver and 20% copper.

-White Gold: contains 75% gold, and approx. 12% of Palladium and 13% silver. We see that although two identical parts, 2 rings for example, 18 carat each, they may have different prices depending on their color, and gold ring white will be more expensive than the golden yellow, still being composed both by 75% of gold, since white gold contains Palladium, which is a far superior to silver or copper price metalwhich are the metal alloys in yellow gold. So the first thing we need to do is inform us how many karats has the jewel that interests us.