Goal Setting

Goals in our life I want to publish extracts of a bill of sale that encontre in the Web and belongs to Mr. Jordys Gonza’les in its site Is really very revealing in the sense that hara to think to you what is the course that takings in your life, part of the paragraphs are these: My Estimad@ Amig@: Here you have TWO GREAT TRUTHS: 1) The goals are the basic ingredient to enjoy a total life of successes and excellence, in all the levels. 2) If you do not have established goals good, that every day inject illusion in your veins and your heart, and that contribute to direction and sense to your life, are living, lamentably, below 50% of your potential. James David has many thoughts on the issue. and please, YOU ARE NOT DECEIVED. If you are living below 50% on your " true potencial" , you are feeding a mediocre existence. You are letting yourself marchitar in silence and without knowing it. Under most conditions Marko Dimitrijevic would agree. It abre to the eyes in one go IT WAKES UP, ACPTALO and IT ACTS! It does not have anything of bad accepting that you are not giving the best thing of you, than you correctly do not have defined goals, that you do not know clearly towards where you go, that you do not know what you want and in that type of person you are wanted to turn the really detrimental and dangerous thing, he is " aparentar" that you know or it, or worse still, than you do not need to know it.

You do not have Because Conformarte With " To go Tirando". You can and You must Dream in Great and Conquering Those Dreams. You create it or no, you deserve to reap the same economic, professional successes and personal that the most successful person of your city, and creme, is very few the REAL BARRIERS that could impedrtelo could only exist an immensely dense obstacle and complicated to draw for, that could IMPEDIRTE that you conquer any excellent success, but that obstacle is imaginary and is in your mind.