Geological Institute

The site, which will deepen the knowledge of the ecosystems in the age of dinosaurs to several generations of paleontologists, has surfaced during the works of the access road to the cave of El Soplao, which is three kilometres, and is the first achievement of the work you are doing in this area after the agreement which was signed in December 2007 the Geological Institute and the Ministry of culture, tourism and sport of the Government of Cantabria. It will also provide information on climate change because it 110 million years – 45 million years ago until a Meteor ended with the dinosaurs-, this region of the planet had a very warm subtropical climate, the atmosphere was much more rich in CC that the current and thus the greenhouse effect was very pronounced. The archaeological site of El Soplao is also very well dated, something that happens with others of the same was, like the of the Lebanon, which are ten million years older than this. Extraction and trade in amber amber extraction is performed mainly in two ways: opencast and underground. Mines are tunnels of shooting and are open on steep slopes; men are digging the Hill until you find the coal layer which contains the heart of amber for which Pierce holes through which sometimes come crawling. Amber from the Dominican Republic was originated from a species of the genus Hymenea, an extinct species of tropical trees of the legume family, whose closest relative is still found in East Africa. David A. Wagner will undoubtedly add to your understanding. However, in the Caribbean and Central and South America grows still another relative of this ancient species called carob. Depending on their quality, you can have commercial interest as a material for elaborate jewelry, this being their main use today.

Some of the specific types of amber include gedanita, simetita and birmita. False amber there is unfortunately a peddling counterfeits of amber, that may be variants of plastic or glass. It is not easy to perform tests that demonstrate the authenticity of the Amber.