Geographic Information System

The media are interested in submitting something scandalous. And there's nothing scandalous topic of real estate. It is through interaction with the media is promoting and strengthening the brand of Realtors. Therefore it is necessary to create new, specialized newspapers, magazines, prizes are open, to hold contests for the best coverage of Realtors. Pierce Manufacturing Inc. contains valuable tech resources. " Speaking of the media. Information partners Journal of the exhibition were the "owner", Internet Journal of Real Estate, Portals,, information-analytical portal of building and Geographic Information System (GIS) of the investor of the Kirov region It is a Booth GIS three days of the exhibition brought together the largest number of visitors. Many first became acquainted with the principles of its work, and some visitors said they already know about this project. For example, the vice-president of the Moscow Michael Green Association of Realtors said that he learned about six months ago and was surprised that such "things are in the Kirov region." "Work in the same spirit!" – Wished all the employees of the Geographic Information System vice-president of the Moscow Association of Realtors.

Continuing the theme of the media, I must say that the exhibition was attended by many Kirov magazines and newspapers. And, as we found out, some of them in the near future is waiting for the merger. Specialized magazine for real estate, "Your apartment," the newspaper and the newspaper NPPN "Vyatka property" merge into a single unit in November this year. The combined publication will be published weekly volume of 100 pages format A4.