Furniture Fittings

Until the late 80's the need for furniture fittings almost completely satisfied by the fittings. Engaged in manufacturing furniture of about 700 plants of all ministries and departments, while existing in the USSR. Guide the furniture industry has paid great attention to developing production of furniture accessories in the country. Funds were allocated for development work on the classification, standardization, development of sectoral standards. Most of this work performed VPKTIM (All-Union Design and Technological Institute of furniture). Actively collaborated with VPKTIMom advanced factories. They proposed new design and technological solutions new product furniture accessories. This allowed for 5 – 7 years to move from manufacturing malovyrazitelnyh and primitive moldings accessories on more technically sophisticated products.

However, the majority of manufactured products in their technical level, the level design, inferior to similar products of Western firms. This is mainly due to the fact that the shortage of furniture, manifested conservatism furniture enterprises, reflected in the fact that they are absolutely not sought to use new and better products for furniture fittings. In connection with these more than 30% of interesting developments VPKTIM and leading manufacturers furniture accessories and have remained unclaimed. In addition, as an objective factor, it should be noted that most domestic companies producing hardware, only gained experience of mass manufacture of furniture, having behind only 8 – 12 years of experience in this field, while the leading manufacturers in Germany and Italy were 40-50 years of experience in manufacturing furniture. Revival furniture industry in the late 90-ies occurred in the new political and, most importantly economic conditions. Abolition of the system of centralized firms eligible foreign economic activity, led to the fact that every manufacturer of furniture was opportunity to purchase accessories for imports in Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, Turkey, China and other countries.

I note some of the company, which, in my opinion, are best supplier of furniture fittings in Kazakhstan LLP Profi kz. With proper planning this rapidly growing company allows furniture manufacturers planned to develop new models of hardware and offers them for use in individual order furniture of modern design. No furniture accessories furniture would never have become what it is and remains a simple pile of planks, which are neither bond nor place … of course, furniture has major influence on the durability, functionality and unique design of your furniture.