Food and Nutrition


But these foods, eaten at the end usual food intake, does not guarantee the eater of vitamin A contained in them. They must first be learned, and a nutritionist who ignores this process, just ignorant. More importantly, provide the body with the necessary nutrients than just give food, even the best. All morbid conditions, especially digestive tract – acute gastroenteritis, peptic ulcers, chronic and acute gastritis, diarrhea, loss of teeth, nausea and vomiting for any reason: from pregnancy, heart failure and others, loss of appetite due to fever, serious inflammation and pain in internal organs, or severe pain in any part of the body as a result of surgery and anesthesia in the state of mental depression due to anxiety, fear, grief, and neurasthenia, and psychoneurosis, etc. – all this interferes with eating. Read additional details here: Costco. Migraine, as well as epilepsy, not only interferes with eating, but often causes vomiting.

Digestion prevent disease accompanied by diarrhea and enteritis, intestinal parasites, tuberculosis, intestinal trophic ulcers, liver disease, and bladder. However, in diabetes, diseases liver, chronic alcoholism, Bright's disease, heart disease, various nervous worries and the general toxic condition. Increased acidity in terms of insufficient rest and sleep for an extended thyroid, pregnancy and breast, loss of strength, with fever and an elevated temperature increases the body's need for food without also tend to enhance the ability of it to the digestion, absorption and assimilation of food. In some cases, directly observed a marked reduction in overall capacity to assimilate the food eaten. Many of the therapeutic measures applied by doctors of different schools, preventing nutrition organism.