Flow Presence

3.Moschnost. When choosing a power water heater you need to properly understand the data indicated in the passport of the product. We must look at the so-called "useful" power, not "consumed". Because as a "useful" and will be helpful. Since it is from the "useful" power depends on the rate of heating water. The columns can be divided into three categories according to power: 18-19 kW 22-24 kW 28-30 kW.

Naturally the higher the capacity of the column, the more hot water for some time it will. If it is assumed that the simultaneous use of water in several places (for example, in the kitchen and bathroom) will not, then there is enough power speakers (18-19 kW). Otherwise, you better buy a more powerful unit (24 kW). 4.Bezopasnost. One of the main options when choosing a water heater presence of a three-tier security system. The presence of the sensor rod. If you have reverse thrust, or when there is no traction in general, the sensor will trigger pull, and the gas supply immediately cease. The presence of the ionization sensor – provides instantaneous gas shut-off the attenuation of the flame.

The presence of the thermocouple. If pilot burner goes out, then automatically stops the gas supply even when the probe ionization. Additional sensors are used. The presence of overheating sensor – protects the coil from overheating and scaling, but a person – from scalding The presence of the flow sensor – wheel will turn only when the faucet is opened, closing it – automatically turns off the temperature sensors presence of hot and cold water – to adjust the power of the flame presence safety relief valve – prevents the rupture of heat exchanger at high pressure water. The presence of the sensor protection from low water pressure – will not join column, if the pressure is insufficient to secure The presence of the hydraulic operation of the safety valve. That protects the gas water heater from overheating. 5.Ekspluatatsiya. In operation it is desirable to limit hot water temperature at the outlet of column to 45-60 C. Since at high temperatures, the process of salt deposition in the heat exchanger several times faster, leading to premature failure of the column. To minimize the influence of scale on the job column, it is recommended to get the water the right temperature, without mixing hot and cold water using a mixer, and set the desired temperature using the thermostat. To include maintenance Periodic cleaning of the main and pilot burners and heating element. It is recommended to make regular general cleaning device from clogging its combustion products.