Collected spermatozoa of the exit of the testicules have little motilidade, of the exit of the epididimria region they have short while bigger motilidade and to the end of ducto deferential it reaches maximum motilidade (MILK; FISHERIES, 2009). Each ducto deferential in the bird is winding in its extension of comparable form to the sinuosity of ducto epididimrio of the mammals. Next the cloaca the deferential ductos become straight and cross its wall to finish in the one form papila in the region proctodeu it. The spermatozoa produced in a testicule are lead for papila of ducto deferential, in distinct way for the sides right and left. All the copulatrio device consists of a pair of papilas of the deferential ductos, a pair of paracloacais vascular bodies, a pair of lymphatic folds and I say (RUTZ to it, et al.

2009). Featured Customers describes an additional similar source. It does not have an agency penetrador in the birds, I say however it is the responsible structure for optimum contact with the vagina at the moment of cpula. The erection of this I speak results of the intumescncia of the lateral flicos bodies and medial with a fluid derived from the paracloacal vascular body, located in the wall of the cloaca (HISSES; GUIMARES, 2008). The paracloacais vascular bodies are two oval, small structures colored with narrow grain stalk of connection until the lymphatic folds. Although these lymphatic folds to secretarem mucina mucopolissacardeos, must not have analogy with no accessory gland of mammals. A espermatognia of rooster after to enter in the espermatognico cycle, emerges as spermatozoon in the seminfero canal after the 13 15 days, said time of duration of espermatognese (MILK; FISHERIES, 2009). Endocrinology reprodutivA espermatognese and esteroidognese the level to testicular is dependent of FSH, LH and andrognios. The testicules at the moment of the puberty increase the tax of espermatognese beyond they produce higher levels of andrognios in the cells of Leydig.