First Culex Literature Arena

Cheerfully to cloudy literature event with the prosaic lyrical ensemble of chaos: Naughty aggressive irony tragically the 13.09.08 lovers of demanding literature should make a prebooking. The Culex Publisher presents itself and its artists. We are a young Publisher, who made it to the task, except for / to publish decent works from the fields of literature, music and art. We want art that not only amused and maintains, but also wakes up startled. So Ernst & game are alternated with our first literary arena.

It is not about life and death, the thing is serious! The actors of the literature arena poete Maudit Gerry X, Heidi ad hoc, Philipp Blomeke, Nicole Becker, Dr. Friedrich Haller, Karl & Karla Bukowski. The event is accompanied by the Saxophisten Uli Linberg. The chaos ensemble is presented by Heiko Hensell. Gerry X attention since the 1980s when the avant-garde artists, intellectuals, and lovers of higher literature largest. His stirring poetry coupled with a concerned and taboo breaking stage show are the product of his existence as a Poete maudit, as a degenerate poet”. Heidi ad Hoc hunt sent shock waves through the audience with their self-destructive and socially critical texts – relentless Zer self-knowledge is program.

Philipp Blomeke selects the Word as a weapon and the spirit as a blacksmith. You can feel the aggressiveness of this young poet, whose texte reveal us a fresh battle for the meaning of life. The poems of Joseph of Becker’s pull the viewer captivated. You are the lyrical expression of a young life, suffered disappointments and self deceptions to cope and still maintain the hopes of the heart. Karl & Karla of Bukowski’s lead dialogues, as Charles Bukowski, would he have been Rhinelander, the Bill would have grown. This arena inlay is a humorous homage to the King of the odd jobs and literary scandals. Philosophy comprehensive Dr. Friedrich Haller’s cultural epoch was reflected in many works published by him. He is considered an excellent Nietzsche connoisseurs and his research in the field of ancient Egyptian texts are highly regarded in professional circles. The first Culex – literature arena takes place on the 13.09.08 from 17.00 in the CUBUS Kunsthalle, Friedrich-Wilhelm-str. 64 47051 Duisburg. The CUBUS Kunsthalle from 16:00 is open, admission is free. There is information and excerpts to the authors at. Reserve that day for an experience this side too ordinary everyday perceptions. Monika Bottcher by the Culex – Verlag