Finnish Real Estate


In recent years the increasing popularity of real estate in Finland, because our people were able to purchase homes in this beautiful state. People want own house or apartment in Finland because of the attractiveness of this country to live. On the one hand it's Europe with all European advantage, on the other – close proximity to our country quickly and without special work to get there. In turn, Finnish property market strongly welcomes foreign investors and facilitate their endeavors. A law allowing foreigners to buy housing in Finland, was adopted only recently, but the influx of these same citizens from neighboring countries has already exceeded all conceivable limits.

People tend to buy an apartment, house for temporary or recreational land for building. The Russian citizens the most popular southern and eastern regions of the Finnish state. In these areas, people build houses for the holidays. There lie the whole chalet. And in the northern areas is more common rental housing, because the north is Lapland, which annually attract thousands of tourists. Naturally, the capital of Finland – Helsinki, rent is not less popular, but the cost is much higher. Therefore, many investors are economically attractive to buy apartments in the city, and then lease them visitors and tourists. However, in general, property prices are quite different.

It all depends on the location of the village item and its geographic location. That is, sometimes the prices are quite reasonable, and in some places – they bite. The country has hundreds of real estate agents, who always tell you where and for how much you can buy an apartment or house. In general, houses for sale in Finland – a lucrative business, so in cities such as Guy, Helsinki and Espoo, property prices are several times more than conventional provinces in the east and south of the country's real estate costs are much lower, it accessible to people of moderate means. Real estate attracts investors because Finland from abroad – people who are always ready to properly charge and to invest in the most hard currency. According to the Finnish law, natural and legal persons have the right to surrender the purchased housing for rent and income. But there is one small but they are required to pay state tax of twenty-eight percent of the total profits. Thus, once uninteresting to foreign investors Finnish real estate has become very popular and profitable investment.