Federal Network Agency

The recently enacted in law to combat illegal telephone advertising to protect consumers effectively from annoying advertising calls. Power leads, the United Kingdom’s leading lead agency, looks now clear competitive advantages for serious lead provider. Already in the past month, the Federal Network Agency due to misconduct in nine cases imposed fines of a total of around half a million euros. Christopher bridges, consultants in the call center industry from Hamburg: many call centers had to indemnify several employees as a result of the amendment to the Act and effectively change the business model. And that was just the beginning, it will be 2010 yet significant dips in the call center industry.” Competitive advantage for serious lead agencies by the newly created legal situation benefited not only the consumer but in particular also serious lead agencies. While the most leads of the call center are from stress interviews with often little product affine addressees, lead agencies generate targeted their address data from the Internet. This is done Online advertising measures and search engine marketing. Here interested target groups specify directly and voluntarily their contact information in the advertising materials.

“An opt in” then explicitly granted permission for a call through a broker. Details can be found by clicking Costco or emailing the administrator. So is the contact and address deployment manageable for consumers and complies with the current legislation. Finally, legal certainty for all this approach is not only the consumer fair, but also an effective and legitimate method for the detection of high-quality leads. Especially for the financial sector, where confidence and seriousness are capitalized. The new regulation gives the consumer finally legal certainty and makes the Internet the advertising medium of the future”, Oliver explains Hanke power leads from Hamburg. Because here the new customers will be won.

Therefore a strong growth for the acquisition of new customers in the Internet is already for 2010 to expect.” Power leads the Hamburg firm of power leads is a leading nationwide lead agency. The company works with almost all major insurance companies and issuing houses in Germany together. Due to many years of experience in the field of lead management, especially for the financial sector, power leads has in-depth knowledge of the market. The founder of Oliver Hanke and Ulrich Iven come from senior management positions of large financial institutions and know the needs of the industry from personal experience. Contact: powerleads.de Dorotheenstr str. 48? 22301 Hamburg phone: 040-30 39 79-20 fax: 040-30 39 79 39