Experts Discuss Solutions

Savings through new service concepts remain Vienna, the May 02, 2012 the holistic view of service processes was focus of this year’s Customer Care Day in Vienna often unused. “The PIDAS Austria GmbH had on April 24, 2012, under the motto of customer service 2.0 efficient support processes to the one-stop-shop in service-organizations” charged in the Spanish riding school and could receive over 70 interested guests. In addition to experts from PIDAS, external speakers gave impulses, how companies can benefit from new and intelligent service concepts. As first an external expert, DI Friedrich Steinbrucker, Managing Director of information technology Graz GmbH (ITG), about the change of his organization away from the Municipal Department and to the providers of all strategic and operational ICT tasks for the “House Graz” reported. Overall, the ITG Services 5,900 stationary telecommunications units, 3,500 workstations and 1,500 mobile devices.

Great detail described a Friedrich Steinbrucker, as it managed in the Run to restructure the decades grown network of tasks and competences and to make more efficient. “If the purpose is incorrect, then the strategy may be incorrect. Therefore always the idea to be not primarily aligned with resources and capabilities, but to create benefits for the customer was at the heart of our change process”, said Friedrich Steinbrucker. One of the most important lessons for us is that we achieve the greatest success in terms of efficiency not directly in the IT Department. The potentials are much greater, if we manage to support various processes outside of the IT Department through ICT and to streamline.

Here the really great potential where ICT can help to save millions are.” PIDAS supports the first level of the ITG ServiceLine and helps in the processing of monthly up to 3,000 service tickets. In a first time solution rate of 80 per cent could be achieved. How important in addition to efficient processes, skills and technologies also enthusiasm for success is, explained Francesco Canzano, head of the customer service of electricity works of the canton of Zurich.