EuroBasket Women


Generous and gracious, slow to anger and plenteous! And even in this situation where all the dirt now get our boys, God still gives us all a small consolation to not despair: the judge. He though little, but intervened in the game. And, then, can in any way, so try some of the responsibility to pass on to our children judge, and it a little easier on it. Although God loves us, oh how much! Another hint, it will be next summer. I think that everybody understands: in Africa, Slovenia will show nothing and will leave after the third game. So it was always us: those who have not let go, the groups did not come out. This we have always been and will be a reminder before each regular qualifying, what conclusions should be done. After all, all of them – less us, if God is with us! ps People countrymen my family – Novosibirsk, and remember how it was then, in a distant and fabulous now in 2008, eh? Remember how we all in unison poured into the streets.

We were happy, we cried, we shouted, fired salutes, congratulating each other. And then came the day he It was a sunny and clear and the sun (and it is – God) is shining upon us so bright and warm, it warmed us, and seemed very warm themselves on us by our good fortune! We all also shone, shone! We bought flags for any money, traveled with them around the city, bro, smiling at each other. And lovely, warming the soul, the inscription "3:1!" Were painted with his finger on the dusty doors of most cars! I saw two cars collided in an accident with "good" damage, but people are hugging and drinking beer together and laughing in anticipation of dps. And for us it was not important. And what if it was our guys in avtsro-Swiss Hotel! After all, we all joined together invisibly – the whole country, the whole nation – with them into a coherent whole, and the happiness of his endless filled the whole world and our rebyatok just bathed in our love for them. Do you not want to repeat that? So maybe we'll try, but with God something? And yet. Someone says: "Brad, we have many successes in other sports, where we – first, where does God? ". Do not rush to scream and hoot.

Yes, we took two consecutive world hockey, we took the men's Eurobasket, EuroBasket Women, handball were the results etc. But look back: we do not have a football Euro 2008, but the people was all on the streets, which was not even after the pore-hockey world 08. Football, anyway, the people's game. And always the case that our football team was the first in the interests of our people as the standard-bearer on the battlefield. Well, for some reason Novosibirsk has developed