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Munich integration Center for Cerebralparesen has collaborated several times Rohrbach / Munich (mh) with Eunice communications agency – medically speaking of infantile cerebral palsy; popularly, people who suffer from it, are often referred to as spastic. In both cases, a special type of disability is meant. Sufferers find help in the integration Centre for Cerebralparesen (ICP) in Munich. Their holistic range of services introduces the ICP group now also in a movie, which can be seen on their website ( and was produced by the ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH. A job that demanded also special sensitiveness of the marketers in addition to professional competence. Infantile cerebral palsy refers to a brain damage specifically in its most important development time before, during, and shortly after birth. The ICP group supervised in their various facilities affected children, teens and adults. There, people with disabilities will find a versatile, individual care offer for optimal and comprehensive support in all stages of life. Credit: Barry Stevens-2011.

Above all, the professional and also private integration of those affected stands as a primary objective. The integrative and interdisciplinary approach with a combination of medicine and therapy as well as special, medical and vocational education should help. When marketing activities for a customer such as the ICP group moves an advertising agency in an extremely sensitive area. Finally it comes here not to market any product, but to introduce offers of help for people affected. It requires special skills, to meet the special demands and sensitivities here. In the past the the greater Munich area-based ADVERMA had already demonstrated this advertising & Marketing GmbH (

Therefore the ICP used in their film project entitled moments of humanity”not for the first time the Eunice communications agency. The task was, the comprehensive range of ICP group in an approximately 15-minute Contribution in moving images and language to represent. Cinematic work requires a high degree of tact and empathy with people with disabilities here for this reason alone, because not every scene with multiple folds after.