Such recognition indicates the necessity of the school to provide accurate information for answered questions for the common sense. With this action and change of looking in relation to the diverse etnias, it is intended to collaborate in the transformation and democratic consolidation of the country. Thus, with the Law, one expects that the pertaining to school work is organized criteriosamente in coherence with concepts of justice, respect, solidarity and dignity. After all, if the work well will not be lead and the materials will not be adjusted, leaving to only show to the African culture when studying the time of the slavery, of the slave ships or the blacks seen in papers of house servants simply, will not have a position change to face the preconception situations correctly. We wait that the proposal of the education of history and African culture comes to facilitate the construction of auto-esteem and valuation of the blacks in the society, from the experience of the proper culture, the respect to the different forms of cultural expression, of the capacity of apprehension and necessity of introduction of new habits, attitudes and values. In this direction, to deal with the importance and the valuation the black culture in the school, being promoted conditions and spaces for artistic manifestations that provide to the critical reflection of the reality and the positive affirmation of the pertaining black cultural values our society, is a way that can be positive and of easy accomplishment, by means of a project on the ethnic question – racial. The proposal of development of a pedagogical project appears with the objective to demonstrate the history of the African people and its culture, in way to breach with some ideas preconceived of that Africa is only a poor continent, with a sick and subordinate, without culture and enslaved population. Therefore, the intention is to disclose another side of Africa, such as its great biodiversity, its natural beauties and cultural wealth, what it is not propagated by the communication vehicles.