Etemad Melli

The attack on the Embassy of Great Britain is a Declaration of war against all members of the EU”. Continue to Ali Akbar Salehi noted more news agency on December 17, 2011 in an interview with the: “shortly after the attack on the British Embassy have we taken measures by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to de-escalate the situation through an official apology and come in various countries with high government officials together to clarify the situation”. During his trip to Turkey, Ali Akbar Salehi to the Turkish Foreign Minister Davoudoglu said: “we know that there are some groups that want to destroy our diplomatic relations Iran to other countries, such as for example Turkey along with threats to attack Turkey with missiles, – this is however not true.” He added: “The official diplomatic position on Iran’s foreign policy is exclusively by Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by no other institution spread”. The Ammariyoun group called Salehi on their “personal views” to maintain and not other voltages to evoke. At the same time, Haidar Moslehi, the Intelligence Minister, traveled to Saudi Arabia, while another delegation of the sales department to deepen diplomatic relations was sent to Moscow. The head of the oil Ministry General Roustami Ghasemi hastened to say: “even if the world community would impose an oil embargo on Iran, we will not close the Strait of Hormuz”. These all statements show that the Supreme Leader in Iran has backtracked and will follow the demands of the international community after opening the political revolving door for reform-minded political forces.

Printing is made also in the Interior of the country. The former President Seyed Mohammad Khatami has repeated public demands made reform forces free take part in elections. He has put forward his conditions in three core demands: release the leader of the reform movement in Iran, Mehdi Karoubi and Hossein Karoubi from house arrest. Release of all political prisoners from the Prison. Abolition of censorship against free newspapers and other media that have been closed.

A first step of the totalitarian regime in Iran to fulfil these demands was the permission the magazine “A’ him Gofteguh” (commitment to the dialogue) to bring out. Seyed Moahammad Khatami is the Publisher of this journal, while Hadi Khaniki serves as editor-in-Chief. Khaniki is a cleric and follower of Karoubis, at the same time an important member within the Etemad Melli party. This could mean that the party Etemad Melli together with Khatami is looking for a way to bring the green movement back in the game. A second step will be initiated soon with the release of Karoubi and Moussavi by the judiciary, and with the approval of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Then, further steps will be expected. International Organization for the protection of human rights in Iran.