EPOCS Consulting And Alexander Neuber Inform…

Management consultancy, company information of the EPOCS represented by Mr Alexander Neuber. The EPOCS represented consulting your owner and Managing Director Mr Alexander Neuber. The consultancy was founded by Mr. Neuber and the original core business was the advice of doctors, clinics and hospitals. Also today, EPOCS operates for doctors and hospitals.

Consulting, coaching and seminars are posted by the arzteschafft like and. “” In the seminar area are the highlights for doctors surgeries “and the Hedgehog sales seminar” management seminar. Meanwhile the EPOCS expanded their business activities more and more consulting and is there for all customer groups. Secretary of Agriculture may not feel the same. Individual entrepreneurs, medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs and corporations up to joint-stock company. All customers are advised here with the same commitment and consultet.

All concepts and seminars are tailored to the needs of customers and with the tailor-made Solutions implemented. Now, the consultancy EPOCS from Munich in Upper Bavaria goes to Ansbach in Middle Franconia. The headquarters is moved to Ansbach during August 2010. Many new and exciting projects, which will be implemented wait in Ansbach. Just in this economically difficult area there EPOCS business consulting to do a lot. Mr. Neuber speaks of a promising market, which is very expandable and interesting. Many businesses and entrepreneurs are the possibilities and potential that they have not even aware. Enormous opportunities, consulting company presented by the EPOCS stick also in the framework of the funding by the Federal, State, and the European Union for many entrepreneurs and companies. For entrepreneurs, the first steps to independence are the most important because they provide the basis for future business success. A well thought-out concept, a structured through business plan and a real potential and market analysis lay the best foundations for a positive future of the company. For all these services, EPOCS is his customers and clients to the page. Also the funding opportunities and funding mentioning here again, which can be requested here.