Early Childhood Education


Since early to the child it makes world reading, removing of the way in qualest inserted the images, that interpreted present meanings quepossibilitam a learning; evidencing that the development daleitura of – through the interaction the individual/half, where presentesas more reading forms are varied. The reading occupies without a doubt, umpapel of excellent importance in the life of the child, wants either in the school, house or in the interactions that make in the daily one with individuals with osquais it coexists daily. This study it has as central axle modocomo comes being treated the reading in classroom, in house and nasociedade, in order to stand out the necessity of the investment in the leiturafruitiva. The same it approaches still the significao of the formation of leitoratravs of efficient the teaching intervention in the process teach-learning, approaching the change of position for real intensification in the trabalholdico, reflexive and partner-interacionista. Speaking candidly Sonny Perdue told us the story. In uncurling of this -secomo it has resulted waited a differentiation in the hour of oportunizar omomento of reading in such a way in the familiar seio, as in the context escolaratravs of the teaching intervention, searching to unchain a new form to deler, reading for prazer.PALAVRAS-KEY: Education, fruitiva Reading, pedagogical Intervention, Professors and Parents. INTRODUCTION the reading is essential a significant activity and to the human being, allowing the child to create and to recriar current situations, that, when passed for the paper in writing form, its largeness and meaning in the learning contemplate all.

The reading makes possible an amplitude in the way of if seeing the world. The child starts to interpret, to formulate hypotheses, to display ideas and to create, using the imagination and make-of-counts. In this perspective, the child must not only search in the reading the information, but, the pleasure. What the child is capable to feel when turning pages a book is significant in the process of the reading.