Each Congress

As Scientology goes out of the spiritual nature of man, it is significantly different from worldviews, who regard the people as a result of its environment or its genes, and thus within the limits in which he was born, as immutable. Scientology includes therefore the study and the promotion of the spiritual being in its relation to itself, universes and other life. It builds on fundamental spiritual truths of life and is based on the fifty thousand years old tradition-minded people. L. Ron Hubbard was always keen to represent the practical reference of its findings for the life of the people.

He rejected any kind of ivory tower reality. With the emergence of fundamental laws and axioms of the teachings of Scientology, he had created the basis for his entire future research that focused on the spiritual liberation of the people and concerned the systematization and mediation of this path of self knowledge for each individual person. Scientology sets this Special emphasis on the exact exercise of their path of self knowledge and the principles involved. According to their experience, this offers people the best assurance for a way out of their usually self-created misery towards improving not only one’s own life, but the humanity and the world as a whole. This way includes more spiritual freedom as necessary components, thus more self-determination as well as greater responsibility and ultimately empties into even greater spiritual freedom.

Thus, it is not surprising that in contrast to other efforts to improve the human destiny, which is depleted in the establishment of rules for human life, the Scientology religion enough practical tools to engage in daily life to hand the individual to solve the problems of life with the aim of improving not only for themselves. In the chronological sequence of the development of the doctrine of Scientology, there are significant breakthroughs as milestones in Scientology are known. These milestones can be found in L. Ron Hubbard’s so-called Congress lectures. This is far more than to training presentations for Auditors. You are exceptional and every man for himself was taken and is even today a very special event. One hears the announcement of his latest findings and developments in Dianetics or Scientology, their contexts and benefit for the pastoral activity of the Auditors he describes in detail in the words of L. Ron Hubbard’s. Also attracts but also the listeners of this Congress lectures”to a very personal gain and benefit from it. Each Congress lecture series “is listed in the order below, in which she was held. Although each takes up a separate theme and for themselves alone without prior study can be listened to, a chronological study has the advantage that it gives you an excellent insight in how evolved the doctrine of Scientology. All in all it is the very essence of what millions of people as Ron’s lectures”have experienced and learned to love.