Director General

The termination of an insurance contract is the day you travel abroad, to be exact moment of crossing the border. Anyone who enjoyed the services of travel agencies, knows that the failure of the trip in less than two weeks before departure – it is almost a complete loss to make contributions. Some are trying to get house arrest in the case of money directly from a travel company. Typically, this is not crowned with success, even if the contact court. In accordance with the contract concluded between the citizen and the tour operator, the risk remains on his own recognizance retain customers and non-refundable.

We, as a rule, more attention when buying a round used to give color booklets with views of the coast, rather than points of agreement. To prevent such situations and there is a program of insurance against his own recognizance, when all responsibility takes over the insurer. 'The information that asks for an insurance company under contract, must be truthful, even in small things, as by law, if a customer reports false information in the insurance reimbursement is likely to be denied', – said Director General of dg '' Eugene Potapov. For the insurer to properly assess risk and determine the rate, your answers to important questions such as the purpose of the trip, the experience of previous visits foreign countries, the possible reasons why you may be denied a visa, the presence of chronic diseases, etc., as well as other well-known to you the circumstances affecting the degree of risk and probability of occurrence of the insured event.