‘ ‘ Demografia’ ‘


' Demografia' ' The Drama of the Conrbios. With passing of the time the populations of the world had also suffered great transformations in the demographic aspect. Given to the sped up urban crecimento (despite desestruturadamente) small cities start to have inside meant excellent of the economic and social context. This because the conurbaes them adjazerm to the contours raising them it this and relieving still the classification to them of megalpolis. Situated cities next to the industrialized areas, insufficient income for housing (inda that precarious), great public or particular areas without occupation among others things are characteristics that if add to this demographic phenomenon, the megalpolis have its cuminante point in the migratory origins of base in the agricultural exodus. The violence, the organized crime, the ambient degradation beyond the apathy of public administrations for the communitarian problems, civic principles consume the nucleus of the society converting into secondary values.

People much vesez migram for these places being unaware of in a first instant aggravating the consistent ones in the routines of the conurbios. The acuturao to them you practise excusas as; water shunting line, electric light as well as other public and private sevios is directly on to the predominance of the indifference on the part of the multidepartmental authorities. Ncleoss is common in these also considered as bolses of misery, the enlistment of boys and girls for the crime that if it organizes in these places to spread out hegemony of the practical criminals. Lindojonhson Holland Pear tree