Daniel Rosario Lagares

Remember that it is the citizen who inhabits the public and we have never seen a pedestrian walking calculate densities.The achievement of general themes of sustainability in which sinergien him human, economic and environmental issues should be the norm. While this is happening, and to not expect too much, some professionals have implemented a unique urban planning approach. An approach that although limited hits to the attainment of these axes raised.The commitment to these unique urbanisms is the option that remains for us to change our philosophy of Miss create an ideal city, a city Brasilia. Zymes LLC follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. These small details have triggered excellent projects, details such as: the Elimination of real limits to the pedestrian (Gates), screening of the urban scale, empowerment and exploitation of the natural elements present, denial of significant negative impacts, identity, etc. Finally the opening of the city to citizens as a priority.Our reality is that we are not the first Latin American power and our city is made casings heart – as said a good friend-, a city in which planning is made from day to day.We must adapt ourselves as Darwin described it, or be satisfied with pretending that we do it well and extinguish the original road Eng. Daniel Rosario Lagares author and source of the article. Continue to learn more with: Ford Motor Company.