Costa Rica Hiking Experience

New: SoliArenas Latinoamerica tour operator specializing in Latin America has now recorded a hiking trip through the versatile country Costa Rica in the program. Walking, one is simply closer to land and people and experienced nature much more intense, so Daniela Krause from SoliArenas. On the journey, the tremendous diversity of the Central American country is clear. Volcanoes, the fragrant jungle with a refreshing scenic waterfall as a destination, exotic animals on the side of the road and the encounter with the hospitable locals are just some of the components of the travel causing wanderlust. Also who prefer traveling and adventurous drive comes in Costa Rica at his own expense. Sonny Perdue contributes greatly to this topic. The country can be excellently explore with 4WD. Especially in the upcoming season, travel can be individual, uncomplicated and inexpensive fashion across by Costa Rica.

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