Search for Synonymous the Google disponibiliza an operator of synonymous () helping still more in our searches. Example: to macaquear the Google will go to return documents that possess some linking with the typed word, as Chipanz, Gorila, Monkey, etc. Search for Information For terms a small information of the site, that is, its definition, we can use info, or simply, id. The research would be thus: info: id: Safe Busca the Google also is worried about the quality of the results gotten in a search. It is very common, when searching on some subject, appearing in the results adult contents. This can extremely be harmful in being about children.

What such to teach something for them? In the Google, it is enough to type the prefix safesearch: , before the desired word. Example: safesearch: romance safesearch: namoro Busca in the Cache the search using cache is that one in which we look for some site that already has been visited for us and the Google already indexou in its bank of data. Example: cache: Busca Curinga ' ' it searchs curinga' ' she is that one where we substitute definitive words, letters or even though extensions for the asterisk (*). If to want to look for a phrase, but do not know the citizen of this, we use this operator. Example: ' ' *fez course of Java' ' ' ' it *gritou with Madonna' ' Search for schedule You already had the curiosity to know how many hours in one is determined country? It helps you to the Google in this. It is enough, to type a question, as in the example below: Example: What teams is it in Argentina? What teams is it in Bangladesh? Converter of Units the Google also can convert monetary, metric units, bytes and much more. Example: 10 GB in bits Conclusion Are through these and of many others techniques that we can use to advantage of efficient form some buscadores that we have available in the Web. After all, to search in the Web is indispensable for all we! Uniting techniques to these research, the Internet becomes still more pleasant, economic e, beyond of this: an inexhaustible source of content becomes, distant of us for only one click.