Computer Science

Computer science in these schools can encourage and even improve lot lives learning you be fun and dynamic approach, where students can interact with others, thus facilitating understanding and learning. Keywords: IT, multimeasured, learning INTRODUCTION Has some years computer science was considered a sophisticated resource. Currently already it is part of our daily one and is present in diverse areas of the activity human being, as in the commerce, schools, industries, in the leisure and diversion. Critical front to any technology is necessary to adopt a positioning very, this includes the computer. For some it is technology provokes allure and for others, distrust; it must be faced as any machine that is manipulated by the o man and whose influence on the society requires an analysis criticizes. Computer science comes acquiring each time more relevance in the educational scene. More information is housed here: Zoom Digital Cameras.

Its use as instrument of learning and its action in the social environment comes increasing of fast form between us. In this direction, the education comes passing for structural and functional changes front to this new technology. The objective of the article is to argue some points, of importance, that can generate a reflection on the introduction of Computer science in the school, as: the interaction man x machine, the arrival of the computer to the school, the human being and the technology, computer science x resume, the process of introduction of computer science, computer as learning resource, Internet in the school. With the age of Computer science advancing to each day, it is of utmost importance the insertion of this technology of our daily one, still more in the education, giving to conciliate simple curricular substances, as Biology, with Computer science (with production of slides, presentation of films or videos) and also with the evolution of the Internet, where you can find some information, being more easy to make any research, to cure any curiosity.