Code Samurai


In addition, a very welcome opportunity to smooth adjustment phase in the subwoofer channel. If the amplifier is equipped with a lifting scheme of bass, it is desirable that it could regulate center frequency, and even better when governed by, and Q-factor. It is desirable that the front speakers were pobasovitee. From this perspective, the advantage with 16-cm speakers, although most basovitye 13-centimeter model salons small cars are also able to give a positive result. By the way, is not harmful to experiment with the inclusion of the front as with the FHP, and the full range of frequencies, especially for those speakers who have good overload ability for bass. It is not necessary that the cutoff frequency of LPF for the subwoofer and high-pass filter for front speakers the same.

The trick is that just in the 70-150 Hz acoustic properties of the interior provides a natural growth response (as smaller machine, the higher the frequency at which this recovery occurs). This allows you to adjust the LPF is lower, which reduces the risk of localization of the subwoofer. Enclosure for the subwoofer also contributes to the steepening of the attenuation Being a kind of low pass filter. Among the traditional buildings more effectively manifests itself in the role of 'band-pass', ie bandpass enclosure type. Good noise reduction removes extraneous sources of sounds, including the rear. They arise because hushed before the elements of panels and sheathing after installing the subwoofer receive effective 'stimulus' in the form of powerful sound waves and can pretty 'wail'. In addition to the direct level of the lower bass subwoofer and mid-bass front speakers, the 'seamlessness' of their combination is also influenced by the nature of the lower and mid bass. His most often describe the words 'bold', 'tight', 'soft', etc.

This item is very difficult to realize an ordinary music lover, because here it is necessary to experiment with different bass-heads, so it is best to consult with installers about-established 'bundles'. So, without even knowing it, we came to one of the items' Code Samurai '- to perfection. At any stage, whether it be selecting audio components for their musical abilities and function, the installation of a machine or system configuration, you can not make mistakes. But how cool is when eventually all will turn out exactly as we wanted!