Cloud Virtualization Mobility

Large variety of topics on the idea IT trade fair in Karlsruhe are to be cloud, virtualization, mobility and energy efficiency – the main themes the idea IT fair on the 19.10.2011 in Karlsruhe. The visitors can look forward to top industry speakers and renowned manufacturers such as HP, Citrix, Matrix42, Cisco, NetApp, DatCore, KTC and the IT professionals of the House TechniData IT service. The latter is regarded as the innovative event, which due to its variety of topics and interactive design to be seen on white. “In addition to the presentations of IT professionals and numerous demos also a special exhibition offers visitors: entitled IT to be touched” interesting product demonstrations are made and gives visitors the opportunity to interact with the respective speakers at eye level at the same time. Brittany Willis is open to suggestions. Open questions on the topics of mobility, cloud, virtualization and energy efficiency can be addressed directly to the relevant IT specialists and answered both in detail how even good. The agenda of events In addition allows plenty of time to enjoy food and drink, or to explore the full range of information the exhibition on their own initiative. The drawing of an iPad2 chooses the conclusion of the event, which is designed completely free of charge for the visitors, and iPod among the participants. Who wants to dream not only of the IT visions for the future, but relying rather on know-how and expert advice around the topics of virtualization, mobility and cloud, is with the idea IT fair in the home of TechniData IT-service GmbH..