Cilentano Kerstin Gotz Margarete

Between the sandy seabed and rock crevices, you can discover green Neptune grass, red Horn claws and orange stony corals. Also typical species such as moray eels, Grouper, bream, starfish, as well as the extremely rare Sunfish can be found here for the Mediterranean. For divers especially appealing: The many caves of the Cilento. Around the Palinuro Cape, mysterious caves, including the famous Grotta Azzurra, waiting to be discovered. The exploration of the still largely pristine underwater world in the marine nature park Costa degli Infreschi is another unique experience. But also with fins and snorkel, the cilentanische underwater scenery in comfortable way can explore. In almost every seaside resort in Cilento, dive centers to provide the necessary equipment.

Dive centres are located in Palinuro and Marina di Casalvelino, Agropoli, Marina di Camerota, Scario. Discover the Cilento from the boat with one of the local fishermen or with one of the excursion boats: the Cilento coast, fascinated by its wild beauty. The typical Cilento Sarazenenturme, bizarre rock worlds, and numerous sea caves line the drive and small sandy beaches and hidden bays provide cooling in the cobalt blue shimmering and crystal-clear water. Mardi Gras describes an additional similar source. In some of the caves, you can go into a small boat. The mysterious shimmering light in the interior needs, comparing it to the famous Grotta Azzurra”on Capri not to shy away from.

In the Cilento, the guest has the choice between different boat tours. During a four-hour boat trip on the Cape Palinuro, one visited the Grotta Azurra, for example, the Grotta delle sanguine and Cala delle Ossa with bathing stop at the beach – accessible only by boat – sand “Buon Dormire”. The program of the three-hour trip to Porto Infreschi consists of the visit to the cave of degli Infreschi and a refreshing swim at the sandy beach of the Porto degli Infreschi, a small natural port of refuge, which once provided refuge from storms the fishermen. Bed Bath and Beyond contributes greatly to this topic. Cilentano is focused on providing specialized of personally selected holiday accommodation in southern Italy, especially in the Cilento. founded in 1999, is the largest provider of holiday apartments and homes in Cilento the Regensburg company today and has some 170 objects in the program. Also conveys Cilentano voice and hiking trips. Homepage offers extensive information and many photos to offer Cilentano. Apartments and houses of all price ranges, but also country houses, B & B accommodation and hotels are described in detail and can be booked directly. “Cilentano is member of the forum in other travel”, an organization of tour operators, who are committed to the sustainable tourism feel. Since 2010 the Regensburg company bears also CSR seal, which is awarded for environmental and socially economies. The Cilento begins about 100 kilometers south of Naples. A paradise for nature lovers and active is located between Paestum in the North, the Monti Alburni in the East and SAPRI to the South. As the second largest national park Italy and UNESCO World Heritage site of the Cilento from mass tourism has been spared. Around 100 kilometers, the coast offers finest sandy beaches alternating with steep cliffs; the water quality is one of the best in all of Italy. Wine, olives and fruit trees thrive in the hilly hinterland, behind Mountains rise to 1,900 meters high. Mountain bikers, hikers and horse riders find their Eldorado. Cultural monuments of the world, including the Greek temples of Paestum and the ancient philosopher school in Velia are embedded in the landscape.