There is abundant literature on the date of the birth of Jesus, but the Bible never mentions the exact date. Some say it was in March, others in spring, others before the rains start in October, others more daring on September 29, 2 BC, etc, etc, but we can conclude is that everything indicates that the date of birth Jesus could not be December 25 for various reasons we will not stop to analyze. Simply bring up what Joseph Mede wrote in 1672: "At the time of the birth of Christ, every woman and child would be counted in the city to which they belonged, some of which had long hours, but the mid- Winter was not the proper time for such matters, especially for pregnant women or for children to travel. Therefore, Christ could not be born in the middle of winter. Moreover, at the time of Christ's birth, the shepherds stood outside to watch over their flocks at night, but it was not likely to happen in the middle of winter. If someone thinks that the winter wind was not so hard to bear in these regions to remember the words of Christ in the Gospel: "Pray that your flight be not in winter." If the winter was a bad time to flee, it seems that it was not adequate time for pastors to remain in the fields or travel to women and children. "This was written by Mede as we remember that the Scriptures teach us in Luke 2 of 8 to 12: "In the same region there were shepherds were spending the night in the field, keeping watch over their flocks. .