Chinese Colors

In this article we are interested in colors such as chemicals, because it is the composition and properties of the inks depends on the technology of their application to the body and car parts. As always invented new colors, and then Technology is constantly changing. We are interested in the composition of colors, how to use them and the problems that may arise from motorist who wanted to start painting or refinishing repair cover your car. Paint – Color is a mixture of an insoluble powder (pigment) in a solution bundle with the diluent. Go to Eric Dane for more information. After applying and drying paint creates a film or a colored and opaque coating with a certain gloss.

If the varnish grayscale and transparent film formed by them, it consists only of the bunch and the solvent. Ready to use paint consists of the following components: binder, pigment, fillers, hardeners, plasticizers and solvents. Binders Binders are high molecular weight compounds with high covering power. They are designed for complete coating of particles of dye to create a homogeneous distribution of a mixture of "dye-bond" in the paint and the resulting dry film. These substances form the basis for the paint, ie a resin. Various binders or resins divided into eight groups, which are listed below. Oils (fatty acids).

There are three categories of oils in this group:-driers (heavily oxidized)-polusikkativy, non-oxidizing. According to their origin oils are plants and animals. To plant include: linseed oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, soybean oil, Chinese wood, etc.