Caps On Poles

Decorative caps on poles, protective caps at the poles are made of different materials caps – is the protection for the fence at the poles: the pole cap is made (a decorative or protective) of various materials in including copper, steel, various colors and coatings for more than six species, including corners and other geometrically complex. For taking a very important element is the hubcaps, thanks to their vertical geometry. Caps on pillars – is the protection and decoration of your fence designs. Cap to the fence is to protect – is its primary function! Overhangs at the top of the hood, projecting a few inches on each side and a specially skirt designed to drain rain. Water flows not to post, and at low tides base of the fence, acting as an umbrella – an umbrella as protection from the rain man. This is especially important in winter when the water is running down the pole, extending freeze greatly in volume, decreasing melts, then freezes again, causing the destruction of the fence post.

Hedges and fences are not only to protect the territory from foreign penetration and mark the boundaries of parks and gardens. Same hood for taking plays an important role in the landscape. Beautiful intake may well fit into the image of the city and do not disturb the aesthetics of nature. They give a complete, finished appearance. They can easily pick up, depending on the type of fences, the most appropriate style. Making the fence looks more solid, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

Caps we make on the individual sizes of steel, copper and coated in various colors and produced with the least amount of standing seam locks. High precision manufacture of the product, and the connection cap is sealed separate compound, giving additional stiffness and tightness, and no water gets inside the shell. Using the hood you will protect your pole and fence. The life of your poles made of concrete, brick and stone of which made your fence. Rick Garcia CBS recognizes the significance of this. We produce hats of all sizes and shapes of drawings and sketches of the customer.