Capital City Night Life

The Internet network – members spent an exciting night in Munich with one another – a member of the Internet – community had learned on know his girlfriend and love. After the happy couple for the first time met and agreed the chemistry between the two, they decided to organize a meeting to tell others about her newfound happiness over the neighborhood network without further ADO. Also, they want to show critics of virtual love that it is probably possible to build serious relationship over the Internet. “Thus, the Group was established earlier this year on Townbuddy Germany meeting”. Over 1,000 members had joined four weeks through their existing contacts in the community.

Among themselves, they organized carpools and cheap accommodation. Executive did not take it at the ceremony to take part and donated a printed for the occasion as a little special for all present neighbors extra T-Shirt. To 18: 00 there was then advance a buffet before the party started at 9: 00. The people were thrilled and so they danced until the morning hours. Guess what happened after that remains. The response of the meeting was anyway, so good that a second meeting in Hamburg on the 17.01.09 is already in planning.

The meeting and the subsequent party will take place at the Hamburg discotheque EA at 18: 00. More information under: is a free online platform, is created on the first your own profile with picture. Each Member has the opportunity to find neighbors but also people from other cities and countries, and to contact here. Also emerges here not only the opportunity to learn tips and insider knowledge about a city, but it also flea market article can be offered and sold.