By Marc Freire

000 km.Longer posts, tread the clutch pedal to see her touch. If it presents a hard touch, it is telling us that it is almost at the end of his life. This can also give us a clue of the km. opening the Capoyo always an engine, the more dirty I think better. A dirty engine can tell us that he has never failed. If when you open the hood we find a pristine engine, that may mean that any leakage of oil or coolant, is hiding or that It has recently undergone workshop by any fault.Now let us ask the owner to start the engine, that way we will hear any noise that has: a strange rattling, creaking in the belt, etc.We’ll go into the exhaust pipe to look at the fumes.

If the smoke is too white (with the cold it is normal to leave something white, thats the condensation), engine cylinder head gasket turn you. If it comes out in a bluish tone, it is burning oil. We put ourselves in marchCon motor running, we’re going for a ride to finish receiving sensations. Before that nothing we try to engage all the marches, both to upload and to reduce speed. You should scratch any progress since if it did, the clutch or gearbox would be to change, and are not cheap.Now let’s verify the address.

On a flat road and without curves, we put the car straight and let the free wheel. If everything is correct, the car should not be more path.Finally, we will make a slight slowdown to confirm that the brakes and tires are correctly balanced. In general terms they should be checks to minimally assure us that we are making a good purchase, but above all look at more than one aspiring vehicle to be purchased. If we are not sure that everything is correct, we do not spare on take the car to a workshop of confidence, which is better to lose 100 which have a car with more km as a bus and more than Frankenstein sewn. If you believe that more important things can provide, please do not hesitate to comment on the article. A greeting! By Marc Freire in HotPaddock original author and source of the article