Still with focus in development, one dasfases final of the Sped project is the Central call of Rockings. Captation of countable and financial data has as objetivoa (especially, the demonstraescontbeis), the aggregation of these information and the disponibilizao to the society, of the original and added data in magnetic way. The content of this will repositriopoder to be used for the generation of statisticians, einternacionais national analyses – for parameters as economic sector, legal form and portedas companies -, analyses of credit risk; until financial economic studies, contbeise. With all the terms in the tip of the language, osegundo basic step is to know as and when reade will be the adaptation for its performance. To give time to the company, the government created diverse stages, queestabelecem the moment where new segments start to be part daobrigatoriedade. But she is necessary to act quickly.

How much before its empresaatentar for this question, softer it will be the adaptation to the new model. maiscedo will come the benefits that this technology brings. After that, to know which is the infraestruturatecnolgica that its necessary company to adapt itself. At this moment, remember-it dries the investment must contemplate the emission, the storage and the adoption digital, joint dacertificao that it goes to assure the legal validity emitted dodocumento. The change not only demands the investment in technology and areformulao of processes in the countable, but in sales, purchases, also logistic sector, among others. In some cases, we could until calling omovimento would reengenharia, because it involves the training and the adequacy defornecedores and of customers. The penalty calculates if valley to mount projetointernamente or to opt to the terceirizado service. I advance that, if its negcioemite less than a thousand monthly forma bills of sale, to count on a partner that sejaresponsvel for the process it can speed great part of the work.

It looks specialized umaempresa, that has a trustworthy base of customers, explains suanecessidade and compares budgets. Thus you keep the focus in its businesses edeixa the part technique for who you are specialized in the subject. If all transcorrer inside of the prazosprevistos, in 2011 the Brazilian companies already will be adapted and funcionandoplenamente under the new model. The challenges of the migration go for the roll dehistrias corporative, with its rightnesss and errors. Who to make the certain lesson of house notempo goes to choose the side by which it will be remembered.