Brazilian Love


The gorgeous lesson is this takes off when contemplating Jesus in the Cross. Looking at Jesus also learn never to give up we it the dreams, projects, of the life. For greater that is the challenge not to never give up. People who stimulate in them to give up we will always find, reasons to also give up and to justify the desistance, if Jesus had given up it could use as argument the possible conversion of the scribes and the highest points priests. Christ did not give up, because it very loved, when loves itself truily does not have space for desistance. Recently medical billing sought to clarify these questions.

If my love is great I does not give up my life, I do not give up my Marriage, do not give up the Pregnancy (exactly in the first weeks of life). I do not give up to fight for the recovery of my chemical dependent son, I do not give up to pardon even so this causes me suffering. How many they are the people who in the first difficulties give up; it lacks much perseverance in the dreams, projects. Many people have fear to suffer and because of this they finish for giving up, living not a love. The cross teaches to me to perseverar, exactly that it makes me to this to suffer. The cross is not conformismo signal as many say, for some the religion stimulate the people to everything to accept without never fighting, as if everything occurred for exclusive will only of God. Translation software pursues this goal as well. The cross teaches that to love it is the way, way that can lead to the suffering, but is this same passage that leads to a new life, the resurrection. Not to give up the lesson here it is. Time or another one we listen to that phrase in our medias: I am Brazilian, I never do not give up. If I believe the power of the love that comes of God and transforms our lives I I do not give up, Christ did not give up it LOVED UNTIL the END.