Its breath speeds up, provokes in itself a solution of sweat and alcohol that if confuse in the skin as two reagents, the faces are gone becoming in the assay pipe and the mind does not obtain to encetar another escape. An shout in the night and an eddy of images assault each centimeter of its body. The emptiness assaults that it, is confused with the air lack that costumava to feel, when in child if it hid of that one I smell of unreliability looked that it to each newness. In that night it confuses in aroma sex the same and love, loving and wife, alcohol and ego, the only one becomes in itself act of pleasure, each as that I praise each piece of its, value at least a good Bourbon bottle of second, found in the shelves lowest of the hipermercado one of the city. Plus one it carries, the crossbar teima in not if to want to make to hear, when it seems that to leave after all so different it not to enter, feels the forces that seems wants to become it weak, the decision after all is its, always was.

Of I obtain joined in the way that it intends to invert, small signals draw the map that its directions seem to want to it to draw, a stranger forms to have the certainty invades it to it mind with the force that does not have to run away. An shout in the night and plus a tomorrow, expense in one hour of pleasure, depleted in the sweat of which now only it remembers the odor. The directions despertam, one by one come back to have to be able on each moment of its I, the door finally of the one of itself. Already it gives minutes before when it makes of it an exit. A return that never could desire, seno for the body that rests in the bed, the become existence energy, inebriates again each as that presence becomes and shout. An shout in the night, an empty bed, an odor that already does not obtain to describe, a revelation that cannot transform into words. When the alcohol if to make, also it memory, an undertow fondness will try to hide an absence of everything and the shout already was. Tired of if having tired, and the will of if looking for in the seconds where if untied the pleasure, becomes plazas the minutes of solitude that is everything what it finds Real. The shout in the night after all is its, never was of plus nobody.