Boris Vetter

Boris Vetter: People want to not pull in a purely functional building and eke out their existence there in a small room. Residences must be filled with real content. Two-thirds of Germans over 50 prefer an independent living in their own home or in your own house according to Emnid. Our residences offer all this and more: the inhabitants reside within their own four walls and enjoy a high level of comfort and quality of life. If they need assistance, then you can get them as needed by the home-based care services. Independence and freedom of choice are preserved in old age.

And it arrives? Boris Vetter: The feedback we receive are usually very positive. We have learned much since the construction of our first residence to the current projects. We regularly go to the owners meetings and carefully listen to the residents. We take criticism as an opportunity to make our job even better. Acme usually is spot on. The wishes and Requests the residents be implemented locally and enter into the construction of new residences. Heiko Sabunwala: next to the concrete construction project we have also always the social environment at a glance. Our residences are important networks in the area, which are open to people from the surrounding area. Senior cafes, various courses and other joint activities promote neighbourly relations.

Old friendships can be maintained and new closed. Our residences are within easy reach due to its excellent location and transport connections. So, outsiders also benefit from our construction projects. The changeable summer is ending soon. Did you feel a summer slump in the real estate market? Heiko Sabunwala: no, on the contrary. Despite much rainy weather, we had a hot summer of real estate. We have just sold out two residences within a very short time. Then is it so hard to get hold of one of your apartments? Boris Vetter: We advertise regularly as soon as a new object to the sale.