Bischofite diluted with warm water, add alcohol or vodka. Impregnated with this solution gauze and put on a sore place. Cover with a layer of film and the heating layer of wool fabric. Leave the pack at 2-3 hours, you can till the morning. Procedures bischofite better in the evening.

After the procedure, the heat wrap for the night. Bischofite enhances the effect of hardware methods of physiotherapy. Bischofite can be used in conjunction with sessions of thermotherapy, light therapy, quantum therapy, and others white – blue clay in the treatment of joints External application of clay gives quick positive effect. opinions on the subject. The clay used in the form of lotions and applications. Preparation of clay gruel for applications In order to properly prepare the clay, you need to know some secrets. Clay is poured a small amount of clean fresh water in an enamel, wood or baked clay pots so that clay was completely covered with water.

Give the stand for several hours to clay gained moisture. Then stir, solid lumps of rubbing your hands or a wooden spatula (spoon). Metal tool use impossible. Finished weight should get a smooth, lump-free, as sour cream. To enhance the action of the mixture can be added to apple cider vinegar, natural oils (camphor, olive, etc.). Dishes prepared with a suspension is put into plastic bag. Ready to use clay can be stored for an unlimited time. If necessary, top up the small amount of water. The vessel with the clay should be more frequent and longer to keep the sun, fresh air, then its curative properties are enhanced. Applications clay mass layer of 1-2 mm is applied to the affected area, either directly or through a thin cotton cloth and insulated. Spend 1-3 sessions per day (or more) for 2-2,5 hours. Procedures make one after the other, or intermittently, around the clock. Course of 10-15 procedures. Of 2-3 courses with an interval of 2 weeks. At the same time take the clay inside 2-3 times a day. Number of applications depends on the individual case. Sessions conducted periodically to improve or recover. You can use them constantly. Allowed to make 2.3 applications on different body parts simultaneously. Clay is used only in the cold. Applications hold on the body no longer than 2-2,5 hours. Re-clay was not used. For injuries (contusions, sprains), myositis short course: 5-7 days, 1-2 times a day. Sometimes, in place of latch clay appears hurt or swelling. It's quick passes on their own. On the small joints make the bath for 20 minutes 1-2 times a day. Clay baths are used in inflammation and pain in the joints of the hands and feet, heel spurs, corns. Preparation of suspensions: 1 liter. Water – 40-50 g clay. Water temperature 34-37 C. Time – 20 min. On the day of 3.1 procedures. Course duration – 10 – 15 days. If necessary, repeat the treatment after 2 weeks. If you do not like "dirty" skin clay and bischofite, you can use a home physical therapy devices