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If your baby is already here or will very soon come, and perhaps as expected it comes without instruction book. Your baby requires many attentions that you must provide for and a time arriving maintain and adapt to each stage of their first months of life. From the second week of the baby’s life, it is highly recommended to go for a walk with him, because contact with the outside encourages the development of their senses and mild exercise helps the mother to recover from childbirth. The mother can go alone with the baby or accompanied by your partner, a family member or friend. At that time the weather protection and comfort of your baby are a priority. Why you must provide you with a good cart for babies, as well as sobrilla for Sun, rain cover, a mat for your convenience, and some more essential complements.

Don’t forget to bring a bag with everything you might need to change it at any time. People such as Digital Cameras would likely agree. Possibly at some point you have to make a more or less long journey. That is essential to the baby’s safety. If the trip is in car can not miss a good pedicure Chair that suits your vehicle, and that furthermore combines something as important as it is the safety with comfort. Along with your partner and perhaps with your older children, if you have them, probably you’ve thought a place exclusively for him. The most important thing is having your own space. The earlier preparations are made, there is more time to organize his little nest, equip it and customize it. You will have to think in his crib, a place to play and where to learn, even your Walker to take their first steps. But if there is something very special in the life of your baby, in addition to the power supply, it is your hygiene.