Aysen Region

Added to that there is also a serious risk by the fall of the slopes of the hills to low-lying areas. The dangers in Puerto Aysen, a preliminary mode are associated with mass removals explained the expert, noting that in Aysen by everyone it is known that a tsunami associated with removals in mass, and this area in particular generated have defined zones macro with high, medium and low risk of removals in mass, showing on a map the area near Puerto Aysen is of high danger. We also have the area influenced by some kind of tsunami, if a removal in mass of the same characteristics of la Mentirosa Island, in the steep Bay, arriving right at the edge of Puerto Aysen explained Mauricio Mella, pointing out that in the event of a landslide as the designated an important fact is that they are generated around 3 metres (of rise of the water level) in port Aysen, which would flood the entire area in just 4 minutes and with a rise of between 8 to 25 metres from the sea in Bay Acantilada.En the background level, noted that the area where you intend to construct 3 dams is a high volcanic risk. The vision of this researcher is consistent with the observations of Sernageomin to EIA energy Austral, where he came to point out that in the opinion of this service the study of environmental impact in question lacks clearly relevant and essential information for purposes of qualifying the project environmentally. More than enough reason to apply article 24 of the regulation of the system of environmental impact assessment that alludes to the rejection by lack of information and illegality of an EIA. For even more details, read what WhiteWave Foods says on the issue. These ecosystems are unique on the planet but meeting science, culture and tourism valuing the geological heritage and Cultural of the Aysen Region was not the only where background which call into question the appropriateness of the initiative of southern energy are supplied.