“The Australian rock band of impresses once again with their new album ‘ Shaka rock ‘ Jet, the at many thanks to are you gonna be my girl” and the associated advertising of a mobile radio company, memory awakens are back and with a really great album. “On the first single of she’s a genius” you need hardly talk. Fantastic. Rockbar. Danceable. Obviously, they have remained true to their style. We hear their idols, the stones, the Beatles (particularly in beat on repeat”or she holds a grudge”) clearly out.

It is clear that they will reach the glory of the Beatles or stones with this album, but maybe someday. Deserves they had it, certainly. “” Back to the new album: songs like goodbye Hollywood “or she holds a grudge” are those where you like to lay on the bed, thinking and life rain easy on himself. Just the latter shows that Jet remained Although true to their style, but are still grown. Okay, not all jets’s fabulous new album Finally, exceptions prove the rule. “Recalls the beginning of seventeen” yet somehow he is regarding an ABBA Song and also the poetry, as well as La di da “isn’t convincing. “Conclusion you have to say but the Jet with her third album, anything but disappoint with Shaka Rock” old and new fans will impress.