As Lang Lang

Everything that is able to detect a soul, is it infinite eternal and not to touch. And this is exactly the Wonderful. This word is beautiful because it is hopeful. Perhaps check out Toyota Motor North Corporation for more information. You can prove with the album eternity”: classical and crossover music must have nothing dusty. The arrangements sound modern and unspent.

As Lang Lang instrumentalists or Nikolai Tokarev are treated like pop stars. Is the time for a new classic”come? “The term like new classical music very well. It is true. Music evolved. The people who created them, do it well. You can explain an era not just to be over because everything continually moves on and changed. With eternity”, there is now an album of new songs with the rigid concept of classical music” have nothing to do.

There are also no pop titles and certainly do not belong in the category musical. “That’s why I think the term new” or modern classical “places very well, what we wanted to with this album. If it is still not done of course also with a label. Is there a favorite track on the album “Eternity”? One of these? There are sooo many favorite titles (laughs). All tracks are now a part of me. It sounds perhaps strange, but I just grow together with the songs. You can no longer dissolve and say: I got this one rather than the other. “This convergence is a very important development, because only when a song so to speak mean” song is I also truly understands it. I always incredibly happy to hear each song. There are such wonderful feelings that I move there. But of course the title, written by my husband for me, something very special. A German-language song is also on it: the Dragon and the Butterfly (Sayonara) “.” He has a special history? Each melody speaks its own language and sounds different in every language.