Arctic Circle

Since children we have dreamed to meet Santa Claus, his elves and especially Rudolf (red nose reindeer). This is already possible!, we can visit to Santa Claus and his helpers. There is a village in Finland, particularly in Lapland on the line of the Arctic Circle, where lives Santa Claus, this is located 8 kilometres from the city of Rovaniemi. Children living in this village are lucky to see him almost every day of the year, since our beloved Santa gets to greet children. Travel to this town can be an unforgettable experience, not just for the little ones, if not for the parents, although we don’t acknowledge it, we enjoy much or more than they.

This site is very far and it’s very cold, by what if we have babies very small we should wait a bit, from the three year old children already will be able to enjoy the journey. You can visit this place on any date, but since then, the month of December is the best choice, in This time of year the people of Lapland is decked with Christmas themes and is a good way to introduce our children to the magic of Christmas. Like everything else, there are several options for this experience, we can buy flights and find hotels on our own, but a difficult is to reach. Another option is to choose a tourist package of 4 days. In these four days, the children can play with snow, put snowshoes, ride in snowmobile and sled, most importantly, will be left without words to see Grandpa’s white beard that will approach the people to personally receive the small letters.

Visit Lapland not only Santa Claus to visit and see their assistants duendes, is also snow, spectacular scenery and fun. During the stay in Lapland, families can perform all activities wishing and waiting in an environment like this: sledges pulled by dogs and reindeer, snowmobiles and a walk up to the line of the Arctic Circle, in addition to visiting the incredible home of Santa Claus. Adults can enjoy the tranquility of the nights and the vision of the aurora borealis. The accommodations are wonderful apartments that are located in the foothills of the mountains Ruka. Travel is expensive and certainly there cheap hotels, but it’s worth an experience with this. You can view the location on Google Maps:, + Finland & hl = it & ll = 67.