INPE, ‘ ‘ rivers voadores’ ‘ , tambmconhecidos scientifically por’ ‘ water vapor spurts of basses nveis’ ‘ , they are characterized as airflows that carry umidadeproveniente from the evaporation and the evapotranspirao of the evegetais liquid bodies, over all, of the Amaznia, that if dislocates for the regions center-west, Southeast and south of the country. The flying rivers possess capacity of superior transportarvolumes of humidity the outflow of many rivers found in the regiosudeste and center-west of the country, as the Tiet in So Paulo for example. This phenomenon is closely relacionadoa capacity that the Amazonian forest has in supplying humidity, estaespecificidade occurs due the same to be situated in the equatorial region of the globoterrestre, receiving therefore intense solar radiation during all year, beyond> claro of the availability of liquid bodies – basins hidrogrficas- encontradosnesta region. These factors are determinative for the formation of the spurts devapor d' water, a time that the energy received for the solar radiation from formaintensa foments the process of physical change of the water. The great amount of liquid surfaces forms the Amazonian basin hidrogrfica, that are warm forming the evaporation process, change of the water of the state lquidopara the gaseous one, then, this process of physical change, unchains another processoconhecido as adiabtica expansion, understood here as processode rise of the humidity proceeding from the superior paracamadas evaporation and the evapotranspirao of the troposphere where the main fenmenosatmosfricos occur (AYOADE, 1998). However, the corposlquidos ones are not only determinative for the formation of the flying rivers, more also it kneads forest huge and exuberant of the Amazonian forest. The process deevapotranspirao is similar to the process of evaporation of the liquid surfaces, however, the evapotranspirao occurs pelacapacidade of the bodies livings creature (plants, animals and the proper man) in ' ' perdergua' ' of its biological and physiological composition. The immense Amazonian forest capaz to generate vapor levels daily d' water deriving of the process deevapotranspirao, in altamentesignificativas amounts, feeding the atmosphere with humidity and forming ' ' riosvoadores' ' , that as the movements of the general circulation of the atmosphere sodeslocados for the region center-west, Southeast and south of the country, then, regimesde rains of these regions closely are related to this phenomenon (HUCHE apud MARENGO, 2010).