Agricultural Giants

Powered by 600 HP by Brandenburg land blows Kempten, October 2009. Andreas Oster they belong to everyday life: the tractor giant in its fleet are the mainstay of the work of the contractor. Agricultural giant with over 600 HP plow Brandenburg fields, help the corn crop and bring cubic meter liquid manure on the fields. In the movie of tractor Giants’ everyday life, the tractors and the people in this industry have been documented now throughout Europe. Medical billing will not settle for partial explanations. “” This movie DVD shows the biggest tractors in European action: by CASE Quadtrac 485, John Deere 9520 or the Challenger MT 865 C – PS cars in Europe “from the series tractor giant” shows the most powerful tractor with up to 600 HP on the European fields. The huge fields of Brandenburg which are managed with true PS giants can be seen. (A valuable related resource: treatment of depression). Oster & Voss a SaddleTrac and a Xerion in use, also the fendt of 900 series show what they can do.

The Russian tractor Colossi of Kirovets K 700 and K 744 prove their resilience on the fields and Power. Were the main agricultural giants, already to the GDR. It was filmed in Denmark. On the wide fields, the large tractors from Massey Ferguson demonstrate their strengths. This documentary shows not only the huge PS giants, but also the people behind it. Personal stories, anecdotes from the international agriculture make PS cars in Europe”very entertaining. “Is told from the contractors make a die-hard fan of John Deere Hansen, and by the Danes IB Aunsager, used since 1982 Massey Ferguson large tractors uses for his company and the maiden voyage of the 600-Horsepower of strong Challenger, which is right Centour on an Amazon” must prove. Also in the program of agricultural video, the DVD is s of agricultural giants from teleagri, showing the world of the tractors worldwide. A trailer for the film can film Verlag wk & f to be seen: tractor Giants part 1.html