Echo replaces the sight, touch and smell. Bats are able to change their body temperature to save energy and strength. During sleep, body temperature, they are compared with the ambient temperature and it saves them in the winter and in bad weather. In addition mice are able to fall into a state of suspended animation and wait out unfavorable conditions. Y Pads are your vocabulary words-22-sound. For even more analysis, hear from hybrid bikes. The legend of Aesop told about the bloody war between the beasts and birds. By their nature, bats, the inhabitants of heaven and earth, take it one way or the other in Depending on how you turned the hostilities. When the animal world peace prevailed, the former enemies condemned dvurushnyh bats and sentenced them to the darkness of night, banned from the light.

"In the old Russian "Legend of the birds of heaven" bat bird asks: "Will and myself to mene mene and Upisha in knygi zhivotniya to his stomach; do not know bo, hto mene sotvoriv if Bog, the lyudem posmeh on, and if chort, his brat , bo, I do not ptah … " Of course you think it's satellites evil forces? It is believed that when the bats soar in the air up and then falling sharply to the ground, which means that the hour of witches – a time when they think power over people. One type of flying – a bat, it is considered unclean, evil. Frequently Omega 3 Fatty Acid Market has said that publicly. Here, the ancient Chinese character "Fu" means happiness, which means "bat". Even the god Aesculapius is depicted with wings bat.