Acid Number

In the dry transformers are used Glass tape basically the same size as in the oil. In the designation marks the first number indicates the width of the tape, the second – the number of filling yarns. Feeds supplied in rolls of 50 m Electrical getinaks are pressing the layers of special paper and impregnating used for the manufacture of parts of switching devices, mounting of the windings and taps. For these purposes, Electrical release sheet getinaks brands of V-1 and V-2 mm thick 8-50, wherein high mechanical and dielectric strength. Dielectric strength getinaks in the transverse direction is 16-80 kV / mm, along layers – several times lower. Transformer oil (distillate oil) used in transformers as insulation and good heat-protection. It should not contain moisture, mechanical impurities and other substances that do not have insulating properties. Oil, from which moisture is removed, it dramatically reduces the dielectric strength, referred to dry. To broaden your perception, visit Luxify.