They admit number of simplifications in the design and implementation: coordination of activities carried out by one person; project management team members provide interchangeability; project schedule as simple; each member of the the team knows clearly its objectives and scope of work; implementing the project the same team (singers), who began work on the project, carried out his design, planning and design. Mega-projects – is the target program. They contain a set of interrelated projects, a common goal, resources, and time of implementation. Such targeted programs may be international, national, sectoral, interdisciplinary, regional, interregional. Their budgets reach hundreds of millions of dollars or more. Such programs are created and coordinated at the state and interstate levels. The duration of implementation may be 5-7 years or more.

Managing mega-projects requires consideration of numerous factors and are therefore very difficult. He has the following features: the large number of different artists, specializing in various types of work and, therefore, need to coordinate their activities; compulsory registration of economic and social conditions of the project at this time and in this place; the allocation of development project concept into a separate phase; Update the project plan at various stages of its implementation; Accounting specificity and uniqueness of the project; the need to develop various plans of the project – from strategic to operational; compulsory registration of risk factors and the probabilistic nature of many of the indicators; constant monitoring of the project and updating all of its elements. For the duration of projects are classified as short-, medium-and long-term. Short-term projects (up to 2 years) have the peculiarity that the customer is interested in the speedy completion of the project and willingly goes to a slight increase in its cost. At the same time minimize the reporting, the smallest number of contractors used the simplest implementation schedules, the responsibility rests with one person, changes in the implementation – minimum.

Medium-and long-term projects such features are not. The complexity of the project is connected with many circumstances, including the requirement of high quality performance, limited resources – financial, labor, time, etc. Almost all the projects are investment, ie require investment, investment funds. This requires increased attention to economic and financial side of the project, consistent with his assessment and examination.